Stupid Sex Tricks: Pete gets burned by same-sex marriage

Who needs homophobes to set gay rights back a century when you’ve got flaming nutcases like a certain former Dead or Alive singer?

When he flashed his engagement ring on the sofa with Richard and Judy, pop star Pete Burns told of his happiness at the prospect of becoming the latest celebrity to marry his male partner.

But now, just ten months after the big day, the singer has split from Michael Simpson, saying civil partnerships do not work and that he was happier being married to a woman.


He told The Mail on Sunday he had been “optimistic” about his civil partnership, but now he says: “I learned the hard way. It’s a total joke.”

Burns accused Simpson, 40, of being unfaithful and admitted he felt disillusioned. Burns added that some gay couples had “open marriages” where the partners could be unfaithful.

He said: “There’s a lot of promiscuity in the gay community. I don’t understand why they take that union. How low is their self-esteem?

“One’s on Hampstead Heath meeting men, the other one’s hiring rent boys. “Surely marriage is throwing anchor and saying, ‘This is where I’m staying, I’ve made my choice and this is all I want because I’ve been on the up and down escalator, through the revolving door and I want to stand still.’ That’s what I expected.”

Gee, Pete. Sounds to me like you both messed up, and not just the one who messed around. Especially if this is any indication (warning: link not for the squeamish.)

Maybe, if you want to “throw” anchor for real, you need to find a good harbor first. My best friend and his hubby did–20 years ago!

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