A little egg to go with your face, Mr. AP guy?

Wow! Justin Delacour should write angry letters to the AP more often. They came out with a correction today:

In a June 10 story, The Associated Press reported that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in January urged world leaders to back the armed struggle of leftist Colombian rebels. Chavez said at the time that world leaders should recognize the groups as “true armies… insurgent forces that have a political project.” However, Chavez also said a day later: “I don’t agree with the armed struggle” and urged a political solution to the conflict.

See what happens when you pay attention to what was actually said? You don’t have to issue such embarrassing corrections as this. Urging the international community to recognize a guerrilla group as a true army with a political project is hardly the same thing as backing them, or urging world leaders to back them–unless one is determined to misread and misrepresent a democratic, peace-making leader.

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