AP still clueless about Bolivia

Yeah, right.

They still think this is about autonomy and “states’ rights”. Someone kindly clue them in, please.

Oh wait, I spoke too soon…here’s Evo:

Morales has dismissed all three referendums as illegal “surveys” by conservative opposition groups hoping to cripple his government.

“It’s not a problem of autonomy,” Morales said Sunday. “The problem is that they can’t accept that an Indian from the countryside is their president.”

Nevertheless, the president made a rare trip Friday to Pando’s capital of Cobija to deliver a new fleet of ambulances and announced a US$6 million infrastructure project.

Once more, Evo nails it.

Unfortunately, this is buried about 2/3 down in the piece, which is obviously slanted in favor of the bogus “autonomists”, if the amount of space it devotes to them and their lies is any indication. (Well, that and the general tone of sympathy: Big land-owners need “protection” from having their idle estates handed over to the campesinos? Be still my bleeding heart.)

They don’t mention this, either–which happened during another ambulance-delivery visit. Probably because it would make the “pro-autonomy” and “states’ rights” crusaders look like shits.

Nope, can’t have those people showing their true colors in the lamestream media, can we?

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2 Responses to AP still clueless about Bolivia

  1. Duder says:

    I am very pleased to find someone else covering these topics in English. Thanks.

  2. Bina says:

    You’re welcome! And thanks for the link! It is, indeed, a disgrace to see the poor coverage this topic is receiving. But I’m not surprised, either–the fact that this is about sequestering the natural resources of Bolivia for the rich and powerful makes such bad news coverage inevitable.

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