Evo makes me giggle sometimes

He’d make you giggle too, if you heard him say things like this:

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, is concerned because he sees his Peruvian colleague, Alan Garcia, as “very fat and not much of an anti-imperialist”, as he said yesterday.

Morales recalled that in 1989, he attended a conference in Peru with Garcia, who was then, in his opinion, “a first-rate public speaker, anti-imperialist” and, also, “very slim”.

“Now I see him as very fat and not much of an anti-imperialist. I’m very worried about Alan Garcia,” said Morales at a conference on the outskirts of La Paz.

Translation mine.

Not only is it funny, it’s also true. Here’s a pic of him with the gordito imperialista. See if you can tell me which is which.

Alan Garcia at left, Evo Morales at right. Who's the gordito?

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