Festive Left Friday Blogging: “A man of some charm”, for sure…

Congratulations are in order for Evo Morales. This month, he and his indigenous/socialist fusion revolution made it into National Geographic–and, unlike Chavecito, he didn’t get his ass slammed. This even though the same author wrote both pieces. (I know! How strange! Even stranger, Chavecito isn’t mentioned in there at all, and neither is Fidel Castro–even though they’re Evo’s #1 and 2 allies, respectively!)

Anyhow, there’s only one pic, showing Evo as he normally dresses: baseball-type jacket, button-down shirt, black jeans, sneakers–and a whackload of confetti overtop of it all. Boring. But I guess they just didn’t want to supply y’all with Evo-cheesecake. For which onerous task there is Yours Most Sincerely, showing how Evo got to be cautiously termed “a man of some charm” by the Geographic‘s writer:

Evo, showing his considerable charm

Okay, so his cute legs aren’t in it (damn AP photogs!), but we can see the charm, can’t we?

(Bonus: More Evo on the Geographic‘s website, here. And yes, he puts his charm on display for the photographer who wrote about him, too.)

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