John McCain is…

…one of these:


Oh, you think I’m being too harsh? Here:

Suck on his energy “policy” ad. Because it most definitely will suck on you.

Especially the picture of Chavecito hugging Ahmadinejad, accompanied by the words “a cartel for which America’s well-being is not exactly a priority”. Um, who the fuck said it HAD to be? It’s not as if these two ARE a cartel, or like they haven’t got countries of their own to run. Why they have to put the interests of some gas-guzzlin’ gringo ahead of the well-being of their respective countries has always been–well, not a mystery to me. Actually, I just always found it stank of Teh Stoopid.

As does Mr. McCrazy, truth be told. Even if everything he mentions were implemented to the hilt, it still wouldn’t address the fact that his country’s intire infrastructure is built around CONSUMING fuel, not CONSERVING it. They have lots of highways, highways comin’ out the wazoo, but their public transit systems are woefully behind, and never more so when it comes to inter-city service. (Yeah, Ronnie, scrapping trains was a great idea. No wonder the Japanese, who never had a domestic oil supply and were always dependent on imports, are laughing up their kimono sleeves at y’all today. While riding the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, natch.)

It might behoove McCrazy to remember that his country’s numero uno oil supplier is neither Iran nor Venezuela. It’s not Saudi Arabia, either. Guess where it is.

Give up?

It’s CANADA, eh! Yes, really. My gawd, that’s where I live. I better bunker down lest they declare war on us next for not being tame enough to US policy…

And yet. And yet.

And yet, I don’t hear McCrazy calling OUR oilmen a “cartel” (although I certainly wouldn’t put it past them to be one), nor have I seen him flashing any of their corpulent old white mugs in his ads.

But then again, silly me–they’re capitalists, and all have been ever since the NEP was killed by Lyin’ Brian. Not Islamists like Ahmadinejad, or socialists like Chavecito. No wonder they’re totally under this spoiled flyboy’s radar. He can’t make any cheap political points off them, but boy, can they ever make big buckeroonies at the expense of anyone dumb enough to vote for this oligarch. No wonder I have such a low opinion of Repugs in general.

And no wonder I find this one in particular to be, well…you know.

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