Justin Delacour kicks the Dissociated Press’s ass

‘Bout time someone did! And who better than a Latin America scholar, who knows how important it is to work with all the facts, the accurate facts, and not just whatever bullshit is convenient to the State Dept., Big Bidness, Big Oil, etc.?

Unfortunately, the AP’s bad reporting isn’t limited to its Caracas bureau; I’ve seen it hit Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ecuador with the Stoopid Stick, too. Surely that’s not a coincidence, since all three of them are friendly with Chavecito’s Venezuela. Why they haven’t also beaten up on Chile, Brazil and Argentina, I don’t know; all three of their leaders have lent support to Chavecito, too, though they’re a bit shy about signing on to the ALBA. (Hmmm, maybe that last is why–it gives the Usual Suspects the false impression that they might still be amenable to neoliberalism, like Colombia and Peru, but have only been playing coy so far.)

I’d write a letter too, and maybe someday I will, but right now I’ll just stick to grousing on this blog. And to the AP, I’ll let Johnny Cash’s finger do the talking:

Johnny Cash lets us know how he really feels

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