More hilarity from Paraguay

This one just speaks for itself:

U.S. Ambassador James Cason’s singing isn’t music to the ears of one Paraguayan senator.

Cason released a CD two weeks ago of himself singing Paraguayan folk songs in the local Guarani indigenous language.

Cason tells the newspaper ABC Color he recorded the CD titled “The Field of Promises” because his wife says he has a beautiful voice.

But opposition Sen. Domingo Laino begs to differ and has asked Paraguay’s Congress to denounce the diplomat.

Laino told Uno Radio on Thursday that the ambassador “sings horribly and his pronunciation of Guarani words is stammering. It is an offense to the Paraguayan people.”

Cason’s term as ambassador ends in August.

Which will undoubtedly be a great relief to Guarani ears. Just as no longer having to listen to John Ashcroft’s croonings was a great relief to my US friends.

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