Something tells me the lamestream media won’t cover this…

…so I’ve taken it on myself to translate YVKE Mundial’s report (via Aporrea) on the murder of an RCTV anchorman:

The Minister of Interior Relations and Justice, Ramon Rodriguez Chacin, informed on Tuesday that last weekend’s homicide of Javier Garcia “is presumed to be a crime of passion by all we have verified in the case”.

The minister called for one minute daily to be devoted to this and other special cases, and said he did not want to give more information so as not to impede the capture of the suspected killer.

The body of the RCTV nightly news anchor, 37 years old, was found in his apartment last Sunday, in the Alto Alegre building, which is located in the suburb of Colinas de Bello Monte.

The director of the Baruta police, Wilfredo Borras, informed that on Sunday, around 7:00 pm, one of Garcia’s brothers entered his apartment and forced the door of his bedroom, which had been locked. There he found the corpse, fully dressed. “He wore dark brown pants and a long-sleeved shirt. All that was missing was his socks and shoes,” the director said. The body was “in the middle of the bed, lying face-up, with arms extended backwards.” The body had two stab wounds in the thigh and three in the chest.

Borras said that Garcia could have been the victim of a robbery. But the death has been used by the private media, principally Globovision and RCTV, to claim that Garcia had been a victim of insecurity, one of the principal themes the opposition uses to attack the government of Hugo Chavez. YVKE Mundial received some 250 commentaries on the two items published over Garcia’s death; the great majority of the commentaries came from admirers of the journalist, who were convinced that the young man had died as a result of “insecurity” and demanded that the government crack down hard.

According to Mario Silva, host of the VTV program “La Hojilla”, there were no signs of a struggle in Garcia’s apartment, nor that the door had been forced. On Monday, the Inspector General’s office informed that they were interviewing a witness, who may have seen a suspicious person trying to carry a suitcase out of the apartment building where the journalist had lived.

Okay. Big breath.

I’d like more details on this, and I’m sure I’ll get them from Aporrea and YVKE Mundial–but so far, no English-language outlet has given them. They have, however, dutifully reported the spin that is sure to be most pleasing to you-know-who in you-know-where.

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