Wait, isn’t Fidel already OUT of office?

I seem to recall that he stepped down. He’s now signing all his Granma articles as Comrade Fidel, rather than Comandante, too.

So why, then, are “experts” trying to analyze the latest video of him to assess his “viability”? Are they really so stuck as to how to turn Cuba into a capitalist hellhole? Do they seriously think it’s all about Fidel, and only Fidel, when in fact it’s all about CUBA?

BTW, they do have elections there, too. They just don’t have right-wing parties. Which, if you ask me, is no loss. It already looks like they’re holding their own without a charismatic leader in charge. Which begs the question: Why does the CIA still give a shit, and why are they still trying to kill him at this late stage of the game?

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  1. watercat says:

    The ad for movie previews, next to the CIA Movie Review, cracked me up.

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