What did I say?

About it not only being Evo and Chavecito? Get a load of El Ecuadorable and what he’d do if Europe keeps on shitting on Latin American economic migrants:

Ecuador threatened to halt Andean trade talks with the European Union on Saturday after its leaders endorsed tougher detention rules for illegal immigrants.

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa said the rule allowing EU countries to detain illegal immigrants for 18 months violates the human rights of migrant workers.

“We could even suspend those negotiations. What do we have to talk about with a union of countries that criminalizes immigrants?” Correa said during his weekly radio address. “It will be very hard to talk business and ignore human rights.”

Oh, and here he is on video, saying that in Spanish:

Strictly superfluous, of course, unless, like me, you just like watching and hearing him say things rife with cojones. In which case, small blame to you.

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