Chavecito, humbled? Ha, ha, ha!

Not according to Iran’s PressTV, he ain’t…

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has called the Colombian Defense Minister ‘a warmonger’, urging President Alvaro Uribe to dismiss him.

Two days after the two leaders met and agreed on improving their diplomatic relations, Chavez criticized Colombian Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos, saying that his remarks were ‘shooting up’ the process of progress made in mending Venezuelan-Colombian relations.

Chavez says if Santos was his defense minister, “I would have dismissed him by now”, AP reported.

Santos a warmonger? No shit. I have him on record as blaming the Mexican students who were killed in the FARC camp, on Santos’s orders. I also have an interesting e-mail he got from a go-between ferrying State Dept. orders from the gringos to Bogota, which I daresay is mighty incriminating.

As usual, Chavecito is bang-on. And he looks so sweet telling the terrible truth here, at the bottom of the page. That man can smile while saying the darndest things!

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