Evo’s watching his back, and how!

Aporrea has a couple of interesting items. First, the helicopter “accident” of last week:

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, said on Friday that it was “surely not coincidental” that the helicopter loaned to him by the government of Venezuela for trips into the countryside crashed, killing five soldiers, four of them Venezuelans.

“Something’s going on,” Morales added during a speech in Cochabamba, where the Venezuelan Super Puma helicopter exploded last Sunday.


Morales linked the helicopter accident with others suffered by airplanes of the Bolivian Air Force this same week and with a probable opposition plan to “topple the Indian”.

“They might be able to topple me, but they won’t topple the Bolivian people,” Morales said.

Then, a big confrontation with an odious personage from Washington:

The Bolivian ambassador to Washington, Gustavo Guzman, revealed today that among proofs of an alleged conspiracy against his government, Evo Morales presented Undersecretary of State for Hemispheric Affairs, Thomas Shannon, “personal e-mails and letters from functionaries of the United States.”

In an interview with the Erbol network, the diplomat said that in Wednesday’s meeting with Shannon, “the president, in twenty minutes, gave an extensive exposition of all the points which our government considers to be signs of a conspiracy.”

Morales read out “an interchange of information via e-mail from functionaries of USAID, apropos of certain curious suggestions from ambassador Philip Goldberg,” Guzman said.

Translations mine.

Looks like Evo’s got his little duckies all in a row…and I’ll bet Shannon was either white with shock or red with humiliation when Evo got done with him. I’m guessing Philip Goldberg is pretty green around the gills, too, from all this unwelcome exposition of his role in the treason and unrest.

There are so many coup plots going on in Bolivia right now (I’ve lost count, but thank Goddess, the Dude abides), it’s almost unreal. What could it mean? Probably that Evo’s so on track that it’s seriously got the gringos scared. They wouldn’t want to kill him–literally or figuratively–if he weren’t succeeding in a wild way. And he is–he’s gonna win the recall referendum in a landslide, and all the scummy opposition governors are going down. Especially now that the plans are final.

So, folks, keep your eyes on Bolivia–the vote goes down on August 10, and the Nazis and knuckle-draggers are already out in force down there.

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