Festive Left Friday Blogging: And now, something a little different…

Bravo Bunny applauds you!

Congratulations are in order for my best friend. Writing under his Craft name, he’s published what might just be the first “Wicca 201” guide–The Wiccan Mystic, which traces the mystical lineage of modern-day Wicca through mystical threads in recorded history. It’s clear, it’s succinct, it’s precise, it’s a gem–and one influential British pagan book reviewer thinks so, too.

On a personal note, I’ve known “Ben” for over 20 years now; we became friends in our first year of university. (Yes, I realize that gives our ages away.) He taught me everything I know about Wicca, and if you read his book, you’ll see why he was such a great teacher. He’s great at making the connections, and his research is rock-solid. (And yes, I can say that, because I proofread and fact-checked his book before he sent it off to the printers.)

If his self-published work becomes a bestseller, it will truly deserve to. He is anything but a “fluffy bunny” Wiccan (my choice of graphics notwithstanding!), although he’s probably the nicest, unspookiest guy you’ll ever meet.

And I could not be more proud to call him my friend.

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