Historical revisionism at Der Spiegel

Verdammt noch mal. You’d think a German newsmagazine could, in the interests of journalistic integrity, at least get its own country’s history right. But Der Spiegel is now so far up the ass of neo-con Washington, it’s even rewriting that…and in an interview with, of all people, the Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki:

SPIEGEL: Germany, after World War II, was also liberated from a tyrant by a US-led coalition. That was 63 years ago, and today there are still American military bases and soldiers in Germany.

Funny, but as I recall, the liberation of Germany occurred not “after World War II”, but at the moment when the tyrant suicided in his own Berlin bunker. It was the liberation of the concentration camps that took place after the war ended; crucial distinction there, since not all of Germany was a concentration camp. And the coalition in question was not led by the US, which entered the war three years later than the original coalition leaders, Britain and France. The US didn’t get into the war until attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor. And they are not the ones most widely credited with Hitler’s suicidal discouragement; that would be Russia.

That’s an awful lot of revisionist lies the slick Spiegel interviewer told right there in the first sentence. What about the second one, about US military bases and soldiers? Well, there are still some (68,000 at last count), but most are gone. First there’s no more need for them (Germany can police her own damn Nazis, thankyouverymuch), and second, Donald Rumsfeld–a source of shame to his German relatives–threatened to pull all the remaining ones in a grotesque form of economic retaliation for Germany’s pacifist stance on Iraq. The ones still there aren’t protecting Germany from tyranny; they’re just there to provide operational support…to the war on Iraq. So that one is, at best, only a half truth, expressed to a disingenuous end.

I guess Der Spiegel, whose name means “The Mirror”, really lives up to it. The paper just reflects…not reality, but what Washington thinks: that the sovereignty of other nations doesn’t matter, but that Neo-Con America’s will is supreme. So supreme, in fact, that history has to be rewritten in deference to its current war plans.


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