M-13 terrorists kill their own

The Venezuelan opposition is so rabid and so bloodthirsty, they’ll stop at nothing to get Hugo Chavez out of office. They’ll stage violence as a way of “protesting” it. They’ll even kill their own. We saw that already on April 11, 2002, when they staged a coup in which rooftop snipers and undercover sharpshooters, in concert with Metropolitan Caracas police officers (controlled by an anti-Chavez mayor, Alfredo Peña) fired on Chavista and anti-Chavista demonstrators alike. In the final death toll, there were more Chavistas than anti-Chavistas killed, but the point of my mentioning it is this: They will even kill their own if it “helps” them politically. They have absolutely no compunctions about it.

Here, however, is one example of such terror tactics backfiring, badly. In recent violence at the University of Los Andes (ULA), a young anti-Chavista demonstrator, Douglas Rojas, was fatally wounded by shrapnel. 48 hours later, he was declared dead. His fellow M-13ers were quick to blame the death on the police, who they say fired on them with shotguns full of the stuff.

But the following video tells a different story:

In it, we see the motionless Douglas Rojas on the ground, masked and wearing a single glove and with a pool of blood beneath his head, surrounded by other students, who are waiting for an ambulance from the ULA medical clinic to pick him up. At one point, about 1:05 in the video, we can hear a bystander saying “Don’t touch him!” He’s lying face-down, which begs the question: from which direction was he hit?

An autopsy has since determined that he was hit from from behind. This is consistent with the way his body lay at the scene; persons struck from behind tend to fall forward, while persons struck from the front will usually fall on their backs.

But here’s the rub: At the time of the fatal impact, Douglas Rojas was facing the police, who were more than 25 metres away and behind a security fence. There were no officers behind him. All that was behind him were his fellow demonstrators. The projectile that killed him entered through the back of the head and at point-blank range. And indeed, at 4:05 in the video, according to Aporrea, a bystander can be heard yelling “Point-blank, for God’s sake!” Several others can also be heard repeating the phrase, “Que bolas” (“what balls”).

What balls, indeed. The escualidos have lost no time making grotesque hay of this murder in Mérida, as well as that of another young student, 19-year-old Roxana Vargas Quintero, in Caracas, who studied journalism and worked part-time on the production team of RCTV’s local version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. Naturally both deaths have resulted in more “protests”, which in turn threaten to cause more deaths. All of which they will undoubtedly exploit–even when the deaths were their own doing, as Douglas Rojas’s obviously was.

After all, they have no problem with killing their own young. Why should they have a problem with eating them?

PS: The video I posted has already been (predictably) removed from YouTube. Nevertheless, I was able to see it twice and describe in detail what happened. I have now replaced it with an identical copy from RuTube. Ironically, the OTHER video, which I only linked as “making grotesque hay”, is still up, although it is MUCH more offensive. It sets its blatant crapaganda to satanic fascist thrash-metal. Someone please notify YouTube that THAT one is the real violator of their terms of service.

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