Oh the irony. The IRONY!

Only one paragraph from the head of a news item in Venezuelanalysis, but oh my…

A notoriously violent Venezuelan student organization aligned with the Venezuelan opposition known as the March 13th Movement (M13) fired gunshots and threw Molotov cocktails at police officers, blockaded streets using seized university buses, and ransacked sections of the Andean town of Mérida on Thursday and Friday, to protest crime and insecurity in the city.

Did you get that? The M-13 “students” are “protesting crime and insecurity”…by resorting to crime and creating insecurity.

And just to compound the irony, there’s this: the murder rate is down, and drug interceptions are up. Uh, what’s that the M-13 thuggies were saying about crime and insecurity, again?

Meanwhile, in other utterly unironic news, we get this snippet from the BoRev guest blogger, El Catire:

Opposition Just Can’t Decide: One day they call Chavez’s government corrupt, next day they march to criticize a measure that would stop corrupt people from running for public office. What gives?

Hey Blond Guy, I’ll tell you what gives: This is just more made-for-the-media whackjobbery from a faction that is entertaining to watch sometimes, if only for its utter lack of a sense of irony. The fact that nearly half of the “blacklist” consists of crooked, opportunistic and coattail-riding “Chavistas” (in name only, not in spirit) goes forever unmentioned in the lamestream media.

But hey, at least Chavecito’s drama-queeny ex is predictably down with all the latest ruckus. So I guess that means they must have a point!

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