Quotable: Jeff Sharlet on imperialism

“Fascism may be a purer evil, but empire is a more pervasive one, and ultimately more dangerous because it’s able to call on the loyalties of well-intentioned people who’d never go near fascism. But if you’re a Vietnamese kid napalmed in 1968, or an Iraqi kid with your hands blown off in 2008, empire is every bit as bad as fascism. Or, for that matter, if you’re a Bangladeshi or a Chinese sweat shop worker or an Afghani forced to grow and process heroin to survive, the economic ramifications of empire are as bad as the explicit political repression of fascism. And for decades, what traditional fascism has cropped up around the world — in Central America, in some African nations, for instance — has been made possible only through the support of empire.”

–Jeff Sharlet, interviewed at The Wild Hunt Blog

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One Response to Quotable: Jeff Sharlet on imperialism

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Thanks for stating the obvious.
    Nothing causes me more despair than the rampant ethical retardation of otherwise ‘good’ people here in the US.
    When it comes to US imperialism, the blinders come on immediately.
    If I break into you home and threathen your people–freak’n kill me, or drive me away.
    Do unto others…
    Again, commonsense isn’t so common when it comes to US imperialism.
    It was immoral and wrong with the nazis did it–and it is wrong when Israel and the US do it today.

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