Stupid Sex Tricks: Lady Godiva she ain’t!

No, this is NOT Peru's answer to Lady Godiva.

YVKE Mundial has a lulu for us, all the way from Peru:

Dancer Leysi Suarez, denounced for desecrating her country’s flag, apologized on Sunday in response to a court citation for the offence of being photographed nude and seated on the Peruvian flag.

The Spanish website reported that the 21-year-old Suarez, also a model, spent three hours giving a statement in the offices of the Public Ministry after the Minister of Defence denounced her for a criminal code offence that could carry up to four years in prison.

The minister of defence, Antero Flores Araoz, justified the measure by stating that the flag was not to be used as a “panty or Tampax”.


Flores Araoz also denied the rumors circulating among politicians and the media that the accusation against Suarez is a “smokescreen” to cover up the fact that president Alan Garcia has a disapproval rate of greater than 70% in his first two years in office.

In a change from the sensual image in the photos, Suarez appeared before the court wearing short hair, large dark glasses, and a black coat. The model is also known to have romantic ties to narcotrafficker Oscar Rodriguez, nicknamed “Turbo”, and for having appeared in a nude scene in the Peruvian film “I’ll Tell You Tomorrow” (2008).

Translation mine.

My oh my, where to start with the hilarities of this one? Having a flag up one’s wazoo is certainly undignified enough, but ties to a narcotrafficker? A smokescreen for an unpopular president? And being accused of using the flag for a tampon?


Just for the hell of it, here’s the story of the actual Lady Godiva. Have fun playing compare-and-contrast with this, uh, “dancer” (whose boobs and hair extensions seem to suggest that she’s one of the, um, “exotic” variety.)

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