The hubris of the Nestle corporation

Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck doesn’t think water is a basic human right (he considers THAT position “extremist”); he thinks it should be owned by corporations and sold to the public for profit. I guess no one ever told him what happened to Bechtel in Cochabamba, Bolivia, for having the same idea.

And if you think Nestle is innocuous, take a look at how much of the world’s water supply they’re trying to buy the (cheap) rights to so they can sell it back to the people bottled (and expensive). And also, take a look at what they’ve done to a citizens’ group in Switzerland that had the audacity to challenge their squeaky-clean public image.

Does a truly clean corporation need to feel threatened by a small protest group to the extent that it pays 65 million euros to a security firm, in violation of Swiss privacy law, to infiltrate and spy on such groups? Or is this just another case of corporate fascism refusing to brook any challenges to its own undeserved authority–especially in the face of sagging revenues?

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