AP hits Venezuela with the Stoopid Stick…AGAIN.

And this time, it’s all about Teh Stoopid in Venezuela. Or at least, AP would slyly insinuate that Venezuela is the one with the stupidity problem.

Mysterious deaths among the Warao “Indians” along the Orinoco river, which just so happens to be Venezuela’s richest oilfield region. AP seems to have fingered bat rabies as the culprit, though the (US-based) medical researchers they cite only say the natives “described symptoms consistent with” the disease. Meanwhile, you really have to wonder what stupid questions the AP reporter asked of the Venezuelan health minister to get her to respond like this:

Perez said it was irresponsible to suggest there has been a lack of government help. She said officials have repeatedly visited the area this year to investigate.

Of course, the AP prefers to put the accusation of no-government-help in the mouths of “some indigenous leaders”, without naming or quoting a single one. Translation: Venezuelan government too stupid to look after those Injuns they claim to care so much about.

Then there’s this odd little snippet:

Javier Hernandez manages the small zoo at Caracas’ General Francisco de Miranda Park. He said Monday that 29-year-old Erick Arrieta violated park rules by letting the Asian python out early Saturday.

The biology major was found strangled to death, with a snake bite on his left wrist.

Translation: Venezuelan students too stupid to look after Asian pythons.

And then there’re these two items about how Venezuela is supposedly “not co-operating” in the War on Drugs. Translation: Venezuelan people too stupid to stop gringos shoving Colombian coke up their noses.

Here’s a novel thought for the AP: Why isn’t the US government addressing the demand side, without which the (COLOMBIAN) supply side of this problem wouldn’t exist? Translation: AP too stupid to get onto the real story.

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