Cowardly bullies of the Venezuelan opposition

Jayzuz. What is it with all these right-wing shit disturbers? They get people all riled up, and then they don’t even show up to their own demonstrations? Case in point: Two rather prominent Venezuelan business leaders who keep trying to topple an elected president. From Aporrea, a parliamentary moment of truth:

Dario Vivas, PSUV deputy of the National Assembly, denounced Miguel Henrique Otero, owner of the newspaper El Nacional and spokesman of the “2D Movement” for having left the country for Puerto Rico after having called for demonstrations against the Enabling Laws and in support of disqualified candidates.

Vivas showed a video of Otero abandoning the country from Maiquetia airport, and said that the departure took place the day before the demonstration which Otero had called for in a furious manner, causing indignation in those who had seen him leaving the country after having called on citizens to “take the streets” and “not recognize the Enabling Laws” in the name of the “2D Movement, a supposed group of opposition intellectuals.

Vivas denounced Miguel Henrique Otero for publishing a call to mobilize “for the Fatherland, for the disqualified, and against the 26 Enabling Laws” in his his own newspaper. But then “he caught a plane, boarded on Saturday, and headed for San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the company of a young woman named Antonieta.” Apparently, Otero returned a few days later.

Deputy Vivas compared the behavior of Otero to that of Carlos Fernandez, who was president of Fedecamaras in 2002 during the oil lockout headed by the opposition. Fernandez called for a demonstration on the last day of the year against the government–at the same time as he was celebrating New Year’s Eve in Aruba.

Translation mine. Video at the site.

Fat chance that we’ll ever see an Otero or a Fernandez on the frontlines along with the “students”, taking a bullet from their own side in the name of “the fatherland”. These guys are more than content to call the shots from a safe distance–like oh, say, as far away as Aruba or San Juan, Puerto Rico. What sort of person does that make them?

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