Finally, Juan Forero commits something akin to journalism…

…with a lengthy piece on the parapolitical murders in Colombia.

Too bad I beat him to the punch. More than once, I might add.

And even worse, he still doesn’t connect all this to Alvaro Uribe, let alone Washington. The most he’ll say is that the paras were “often working closely with army units”. Under whose command, Juan? Spit it out. Oh come on, spit it…

Oh, fuck it. He says it’s the Colombian government exhuming the bodies. I guess that somehow makes them heroes now. As if all the language about the Uribe administration being “feted from Washington to Paris for its recent success against Marxist guerrillas” weren’t enough to give Forero’s true sympathies away.

Possums, don’t hold your breath waiting for Juan to connect any dots here. You might end up dead for real.

Meanwhile, Hugh Bronstein of Reuters gets a little closer to it, but he too shrinks away from naming Uribe’s real, much deeper connections to the drug/parapolitics scandal. At most, all he’ll mention is Uribe’s creepy-ass cousin. He has yet to peruse Virginia Vallejo’s book, I see.

Oh, and Bronstein sticks in a “Bogota-based analyst” taking dig at Venezuela there, too, claiming it has “problems with drug-trafficking and kidnapping”. Damn right it does–it sits right next to Colombia. And since the border’s not sealed and Chavecito would only take flak from Washington if he tried to control it, well…I think you can connect the dots, yes?

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