Fine young hooligans, Ecuador edition

Is this any way to show respect for your president, political opponents, and senior citizens?

“Student” opposition demonstrators in Ecuador shout obscenities and accusations of homosexuality, make rude gestures, and assault anyone unlucky enough to get within striking distance. Fortunately, prominent oligarchic ringleaders are all named and pictured clearly, so if you’re ever in Guayaquil, you’ll recognize them.

Pay special attention to the stinkfingers, the crotch-grabs, the flying projectiles (they’re not eggs, they’re rocks), and the various other ways of saying “we don’t give a fuck for democracy”, in the video above and this one:

One little chica even has the nerve to claim she was demonstrating “peacefully” when she was caught on video doing just the opposite–attacking the police physically.

And if you find them very similar to their Venezuelan counterparts, pat yourself on the back for your perceptiveness: they’re following the exact same playbook. They’re trying to provoke violence on purpose, so there is a pretext to attempt a violent removal of President Correa. Exactly as the oppos in Venezuela are trying to do with President Chavez. What a coinkydink!

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