Long live Yolanda the Boliviana!

A few weeks ago, El Duderino had this little snippet of film up on his blog about the Fighting Cholitas of La Paz, Bolivia. A little later, he posted a link to the Guardian article profiling some of them. Today, I open my mailbox to find…the latest National Geographic. And in it, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a report on those selfsame cholitas, their skirts and braids flying as they pulverize the baddies and take on sexism and poverty singlehanded?

And if you doubt whether Aymara women in billowy skirts and bowler hats can rassle, you should see the trailer. These badass Bolivianas could crack Hulk Hogan’s nuts and spook the shit out of Jesse Ventura.

No doubt about it–between the cholitas, the beautiful Altiplano, and of course Evo, Bolivia has definitely arrived.

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