Must be the evil influence of Chavecito

How else to explain these Peruvian poll numbers?

Or the success of Evo in Bolivia, which just seems to keep on growin’?

Or the fact that El Ecuadorable has now come out as a socialist?

Or the big celebration as Fernando Lugo of Paraguay becomes the latest leftist teddybear to join the South American picnic?

Yep, it can only be the doing of the usual big red-shirted suspect. After all, Hurricane Hugo has sucked in pretty much any part of Latin America that isn’t nailed down by Washington. Or at least, so you’d think to read what all the crapaganda whores are saying. They seem to be having tremendous difficulties with the concept of popular will, no?

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2 Responses to Must be the evil influence of Chavecito

  1. Peruano de verdad says:

    An internet poll? Seriously, are you retarded? Most Peruvians don’t know what capitalism or socialism mean from a theoretic standpoint, their knowledge of political economy is limited to what they hear from radicalized people. The right has no think tanks here, because it doesn’t need them, it just works better than the failed experiments we carried on during 20 years.
    If we favor socialism why do we vote for the continuity of the economic model? Sure most of our politicians are terrible, but that has nothing to do with them being capitalist or socialist. The worst president (and this is consensus among us) was Alan Garcia during his first term (1985-1990), Evo said he admired him during those years. That was before he turned 180 degrees from left to right and defeated Ollanta Humala (Hugo Chavez’candidate) in the 2006 elections.
    Still skeptic? Let’s make another comparison. Socialist Alan, 6% approval at the end of his first term, capitalist Alan 26% approval a year before the end of his second term. That 20%+ approval is not due a miraculous change of the president populist speech but the not-so-miraculous change of his economic policy advisors who continued Toledo’s and Fujimori’s pro-market reforms.
    Finally, according to the Latinobarometro (a real periodical survey amongst Latin American countries), Chavez is the worst rated president of Latin America, according to the Latin Americans.
    Your blog couldn’t be a more biased babble, no wonder why nobody comments it.
    P.S. The web you linked doesn’t exist anymore, you can’t even find it on google cache.

  2. Come out to shoot the messenger, have you? A little late. That horse has already left the barn. If “nobody” comments here, that makes YOU a nobody, for obvious reasons.
    26% approval is still a shitty rating, regardless of who the poll-taker is. Especially considering the fact that Chávez’s approval stands at close to 60% at home, at least among REPUTABLE poll-takers (not those you pick, obviously). They keep re-electing him, too, oddly enough. And that’s unwavering Venezuelan approval FOR SOCIALISM. Gee, how ’bout them apples?
    Maybe the reason “socialist Alan” experienced such a drop in approval is because he went back on all his “socialist” campaign promises and decided it was easier to just do what the IMF and World Bank told him to, thus plunging Peru into poverty and imperialism from which it has yet to recover. Ya think? (Rhetorical question. I already know the answer, and it’s in the negative.)
    Ollanta Humala wasn’t anyone else’s candidate, he was his own. Or yours, if you will. You can’t blame Chávez for him; you can only blame Peru for not being able to do better in terms of its leftists. A damn shame for the land of Mariátegui. But nice try, anyway.
    And if you want to talk about failed economic policies of the last 20 years, the continuation of tyrant Fujimori’s and Toledo’s errors is a good place to start. Unfortunately, you’ve tackled this one from the wrong side. You’re not stooping to conquer, you’re bending over backwards to fall on your ass in the dirt.
    Do yourself a favor, Peruano de Mierda: Next time you bend over to kiss someone else’s ass, bend FORWARD and kiss mine.
    And have a NICE day.

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