The video the Miami Mafia doesn’t want you to see

“Armando Valladares: from false invalid poet to business speculator”.

According to Aporrea, this video got yanked from YouTube on the grounds that it is “false and defamatory”. I watched it and can’t for the life of me see what would be false or defamatory about it. If anyone’s false and defamatory here, it would be Valladares; after all, why would a former policeman under Batista, anti-Castro bomb-planter in Havana, and later darling of the freedom-loving Reagan administration, lie?

Sheesh. Most disabled people I know tend to stay that way, especially if their problem is a pair of bad legs that lands them in a wheelchair, as Valladares insists happened to him (which, according to a book he wrote for the US Information Agency, resulted from malnutrition and mistreatment after his imprisonment for, get this, dissent. Yeah, that’s right, bombing Havana for Batista is just “free speech”.)

In all current pictures of him, Valladares looks remarkably hale. He is still able to stand and walk. A miracle of non-socialized medicine, no doubt. Either that, or Fidel must be the Second Coming of Christ, because so far’s I know, Jesus was the only guy ever to tell a paralytic to get up and walk, and actually get results. Because, you see, the main condition of Valladares’ release was that he walk onto the plane that carried him out of Cuba. Apparently, he managed to summon up the ability right in time!

BTW, in case you’re wondering, the video was ordered yanked by the so-called Human Rights Foundation–that organization run by ex-Venezuelan no-‘count Thor Halvorsen, whose sole purpose seems to be the defamation of Cuba and Venezuela. Certainly it hasn’t upheld human rights worth shit, or the Iraqis might now be free of occupation, and Afghanistan ditto. But then again, I guess Iraqis and Afghans aren’t human, so they don’t have rights. Problem solved!

Oh, and apparently Vcrisis nutjob Alek Boyd is in on the yankage, too. He’s now decided to join forces with the un-thundergodly Thor. Surprise, surprise.

Jeez, what is it with all these bogus “human rights activists”? Are they all trying to out-Kissinger each other in their quest for a Nobel peace prize, or what?

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