Venezuelan Beer Chicks for Progress

Er, make that AGAINST READING. From Aporrea, a shocking report on the mental calibre of one of that country’s top spokesmodels for mindless alcohol consumption:

Norkis Batista, a young Venezuelan actress who played “Victoria Guanipa” in the RCTV International adaptation of “La Trepadora” by Romulo Gallegos, made these statements in an interview published in the April 2008 edition of the magazine “Waiting Room”.


Waiting Room: Did you take time to read the novella by Romulo Gallegos and see how closely it resembled the adaptation by Ricardo Hernandez Anzola?

Norkis Batista: No. I don’t like to read. I only do it when there’s a script in front of me. The story by Ricardo Hernandez is distinctive. It’s modern. It’s not old, but more futuristic.

Waiting Room: Didn’t it make you curious to read it so you could learn more about your character?

Norkis Batista: Reading a book is a step back, not forward.

Translation mine.

So much for Venezuelan culture, arts and literature. Romulo Gallegos was one of that country’s greatest literary figures, but according to a woman who is not much more than a figure (with more makeup on it than clothing, especially when she’s peddling Polar beer), reading him is “backward”.

Here she is, (cough) acting in the movie mentioned above:

Apparently, YouTubers prefer her nude scenes. I guess it would be a shame to waste all that silicone.

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