Debbie Schlussel: rough ‘n’ ready, ‘n’ wrong, wrong, WRONG!

A month ago today, right-wing idiotess Debbie Schlussel totally soiled herself over the horrible murder of young Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus near Neepawa, Manitoba.

Now, what some random twat says about senseless violence might not matter so much to me had she not seen fit to use that incident as an excuse to impugn the honor of all Canadians, and on ideological grounds, no less:

While I do not know if it has anything to do with nationality, I’m struck by what I can imagine was a bunch of scaredy-cat people (in this case, socialist Canadians), who didn’t want to risk of themselves to help this innocent victim of a brutal murder.

Okay, bitch, put ’em up. And don’t give me that “I won’t fight because I can’t, I’m just a tiny woman” crap. You want to show us how much bigger and badder you oh-so-capitalist Yanks are? What’s the matter, too scared? Well, don’t worry, we don’t really want to beat on your ass–we’re too busy laughing our asses off at you for how wrong you got every last detail of this story.

Let’s start on the “Canadians are cowards” angle. Not only did the victim himself put up a fight, thus saving the lives of his fellow riders, there’s now a story out on CBC that a trucker named Chris Alguire, who hadn’t been on the bus at the time of the killing, later intervened:

Alguire grabbed a snipe, a metre-long bar used to help secure loads on his truck, and immediately ran to the bus and assisted the bus driver, who was holding the vehicle’s door closed.

“Basically I [got] everybody to a safe spot. They were pretty upset already, so I had them directed to the back of the bus, behind the cargo trailer, so they could no longer see what was happening inside,” he said.

He told other passengers who wanted to help or were worried about their safety where they could find other tools in his truck to protect themselves, in case the suspect tried to exit the vehicle. Later, the bus driver boarded the bus, and Alguire followed.

“The bus driver had stepped onto the bus and then I had to get onto the bus and step in front of him … because I took it into my own hands to protect all the people as best I could. That was my mission,” he said.

He saw McLean’s head being severed, then retreated off the bus and helped again hold the door shut until RCMP arrived.

Yeah, we socialist Canadians are such pussies.

Other significant details: The cannibal killer was no Muslim jihadist, he was a Chinese Christian immigrant–and a mental patient, probably paranoid schizophrenic, who should have been hospitalized. He was in such a bad way that he begged the judge to kill him at his hearing.

Too bad you and your minions are too cowardly to come up and spout your crazy-ass shit to our faces, Debbie. But maybe it’s just as well. Thanks to conservative tax-cutting, we don’t have enough psychiatric beds up here for poor souls like Vince Weiguang Li, never mind you and your fellow flying monkey rightard keyboardists.

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