Festive Left Friday Blogging: Back to life, back to reality

Well. Now that Evo’s basically shown the Media Luna-tics who’s the president of the republic, it’s back to work…

Evo at work, doing good

…which, in Evo’s case, means showing up to be doused in confetti and draped with streamers, and to open construction on an agricultural water system in rural Chuquisaca. This particular project will benefit 240 families, and help make Bolivia self-sufficient in food. Which just happens to be one of Evo’s bigger projects, right up there with land reform (which is being done to the same end, BTW.)

No doubt the lamestream media find this aspect of Evo’s job very boring and unsexy, because they never report on it. There’s nothing about it to upset the North American bourgeoisie, you see. In fact, it makes Evo look like a bigger and better do-gooder than USAID, which apparently has nothing better to do in Bolivia than finance bogus “democratic” opposition groups. Just as in Venezuela.

Nope, we can’t have Evo look like an effective president getting worthwhile things accomplished, because that would ruin everything for USAID, the patron saint of fascism democratic opposition everywhere!

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