Guilt by association, or, Let’s all soil ourselves over that evil Hugo Chavez yet again!

Some days, the media are just too transparent. Get a load of what pooped in my e-mail box today thanks to Google Alerts:

The Russians Are Coming! Cuban Missile Crisis Part Deux! No shit, Reuters actually spells it out! And Turkey’s most popular news site, Hürriyet, is most explicit about the supposed details. The Los Angeles Times headline is more coy about it, and the AP’s headline coyer still, but you can tell they’re all soiling themselves over the prospect of a new Cuban Missile Crisis. And they’re all hoping you do, too. (That’s their job, boobie. Do you suppose they’ll ever mention that mysterious resurrection of the Fourth Fleet and what it has to do with all this?)

Meanwhile, the Financial Times and the Times of London both cleverly manage to tie Chavecito to the dictator of Libya, completely ignoring the fact that Shoe Queen Condi has also extended the old boy an olive branch, calling him (once deemed a terrorist by her very own State Dept.) an “ally in the War on Terror”. Surely that’s not all about oil? Oh yeah, wait…it is!

And back at the ranch, Reuters UK has decided to extend the Magic Laptop smear from Chavecito to former justice minister Ramón Rodríguez Chacín. The evidence? Well, of course, the bogus data on The Laptop No Missile Could Fry. And the fact that Rodríguez hugged some FARCers and called them “compañero” during a humanitarian handover in the jungles of Colombia, which he had helped to broker along with Chavecito and Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba. Yeah, that’s right, he didn’t show enough hostility by way of gratitude for the safe handover of the prisoners. And he always wears that red shirt! That means he must be a commie-pinko terra-ist, too.

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