I’ve been IncaKola’d!

Cowardly Lion receiving Courage award

Shucks, folks, I’m speechless again.

Otto has also added me to his blogroll (muchas gracias!), which is the first time I’ve been blogrolled by a finance wonk, to my knowledge anyway.

And he really made my day with this hot ‘n’ juicy shot of El Ecuadorable, too.

PS: I’ve now been linked at BoRev, Bananama Republic, and VenCentral as well. Somehow, this just makes me feel so…vindicated for all the months my Bayly/Antonini translation has languished sans commentary. Thanks, folks…and you’re all now blogrolled!

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4 Responses to I’ve been IncaKola’d!

  1. Ben Gruagach says:

    Congratulations! Keep speaking the truth and people will notice.

  2. JP says:

    Sans commentary does not correlate to sans appreciation.

  3. tribalecho says:

    I know I’m jazzed to find you (via borev), great “suitcase” story.
    BTW, did you use any particular method or program to learn Spanish?
    Ps. Love the “Mr. Equadorable” and the shots of Evo and the gals.

  4. You’re gonna laugh when I tell you this, but I learned Spanish mainly through a little German handbook that belonged to my mom. And then I just watched a lot of Latin American documentaries (with subtitles) until I got the feel for things. I also use the Internet a lot; I read Aporrea.org and abi.bo a lot, and whenever I find a YouTube video from there, I watch it. I’m starting to distinguish between various accents now. Until about two years ago, give or take a bit, I knew no Spanish beyond the usual yes, no, please, thank you, etc. But it helps that I pick up languages fast; it also helps that I learned Latin and a lot of other “dead” languages at university. Spanish was a breeze after learning Latin and ancient Greek!
    I also keep a big Spanish/English Oxford dictionary on hand, and a book called “Streetwise Spanish” that’s great for getting a basic feel for slang. Other than that, no formal training. But if you can find classes near you, it couldn’t hurt to go. I probably would have done that if not for my mom’s old Spanish lesson book that she can’t even remember buying.

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