More non-evidence of nonexistent coup plots in Venezuela

Carl Gustav portable rocket launchers

Just a little innocent military hardware that could bring down a presidential plane. Nothing to see here, move along folks…

Don’t you love all these dastardly, nefarious things that are not happening down there? From Aporrea, the latest:

On Tuesday, Venezuelan security agencies confiscated four grenades and a portable Carl Gustav launcher, of 700 metres’ range, during a raid in the state of Zulia.


The information was supplied on Wednesday by the Popular Power Minister for Internal Relations and Justice, Tarek El Assaimi, who emphasized that the finding was the product of intelligence projects of security organisms since last week, when a recording of a conversation concerning details of an assassination plan against President Chávez between certain active and retired military personnel came to light.

The domiciliary visit also resulted in the detention of two persons, civilians, whose identity El Assaimi has not revealed for reasons of strategic order.


“Remember that in that recording, the militaries talk of blowing up the president’s airplane, and this launcher we found is for bringing down aircraft. It has a great destructive power, and can practically destroy a military tank. I don’t believe that anyone would be so foolish as to think that this cannon, with its 700-metre range, was going to be used for shooting deer, or that they just found it lying around under a tree,” El Assaimi said.

Translation mine. Linkage added.

Ha ha ha, that Tarek, what a kidder. What a card! Of course that “cannon” was just a deer rifle that some bozo carelessly left under a tree. What else could it be? Certainly not more evidence of a dastardly plan to kill Chavecito before the regional elections, in which the PSUV is expected to win and win big!

And no, of course the gringos are not behind this either. Just as they weren’t behind any of the other coup plots throughout Latin American history, ever. Perish forbid.

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