Sarah Palin: Snubbed in Paraguay

Putin Rears His Head! Oh NOES!!!

So, the Lipstick Pig Woman got out her presidential kneepads for a certain Paraguayan ex-bishop. Only, sadly (or rather, happily–for him!), Fernando Lugo told her to keep ’em and her lipstick to herself:

Paraguay President Fernando Lugo, while attending both the United Nations General Assembly meetings and the Clinton Global Initiative, shared with friends over dinner some of the other meetings he had been having in New York.

He met this head of state. . .and that head of state. . .and so on. . .

. . .but then the room went silent and then broke into subdued laughter when he confided that he was approached about meeting with GOP Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

President Lugo turned the meeting down.

Ha, ha…suck on THAT, Paliness. You may be able to suck up to Dubya’s coke dealer Numero Uno for some ersatz foreign policy experience, but that’s about it. The rest of Latin America has no desire to be trotted out to showcase your nonexistent talent and experience.

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