So, there was no coup plot against Hugo Chavez? Riiiiiight.

And all these military traitors are just a malign coincidence, I’m sure:

Alberto Nolia of VTV, the Venezuelan state channel, plays back some recorded conversations between what sure sounds to me like a bunch of conspirators. Here’s my translation of what they were saying:

Wilfredo Barroso: At the level of communications and control of TV stations, of transmissions in the first moment. Destroy those of the government. But the others, which aren’t of the government, those need to be maintained because you have to keep a route of information to the people.


Eduardo Báez: Yes, but it would be good if you could transmit out of country.

Labarca Soto: Exactly. That’s why this will reach out of country. And Globovisión also reaches out of country.

Carlos Alberto Millán Millán: Those are friendly forces.

Wilfredo Barroso: In December, we’ll ask the gringos to help us with some satellite stations.

Eduardo Báez: We have to be very careful about the dates. Right now there’s a group that’s tracking the entire agenda of Chavez from September 15 to October 15. No, there won’t be elections. Those elections will be postponed afterwards, get it? They’ll be done…after those guys clean up the CNE [National Electoral Council of Venezuela], then they’ll call elections, okay?

Be calm, have faith, okay?

Well, Sparky, wouldja look at the time. Or rather, the date stamp of this entry. We’re right there now, in between September 15 and October 15–the dates in which the military coupmongers were supposed to be “following” the day-to-day activities of Chavecito, whom they no doubt meant to capture and/or kill. What a lucky thing that all of this bunch, except for Eduardo Báez Torrealba, the guy doing most of the talking, have been captured. Báez is still at large, having “valiantly fled”.

So, there you go…the “democratic” Venezuelan opposition, or at least the military arm of it, in all its “democratic” glory. They love democracy so much, they’ll cancel the upcoming regional elections in November–oops, my mistake, they’ll “postpone” them. Once, of course, they’ve “cleaned out” the National Electoral Council, the CNE–presumably, replacing all those rotten fair and impartial types with fine, upstanding putschists sympathetic to their unique vision of “democracy”.

And they’re so committed to freedom of speech and information, they’ll kill all broadcast channels linked to or sympathetic to the state, leaving only the corporate media, such as Globovisión–that paragon of journalistic integrity, the Venezuelan equivalent of FOX. And when that job is done, they’ll ask the gringos to help them set up satellite channels–presumably to tell the world that once more, Venezuela is safe for totalitarian capitalism run amuck freedom and democracy!

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