The Antonini case–a “garbage operation”

Revolter at BoRev calls it Valijagate. But we of the jet set just call it bullshit!

Why would Chavecito shake hands with this fat slimebag?

Story from YVKE Mundial:

On August 4, 2007, [Guido] Antonini was taken into custody in Buenos Aires with a briefcase stuffed with $800,000 US. Antonini, according to a campaign directed by opposition media against Cristina Fernández and Hugo Chávez, was trying to finance Fernández’s electoral campaign with funds from the Venezuelan state oil firm, PDVSA.

President Chávez said that the case has been a script badly performed from the start. “You recall that he (Antonini Wilson) said he had lunched that day with me. I said to check it out…and it turns out that Mr. Antonini did try to enter Miraflores Palace that day. He couldn’t, so the plan failed, but it was in the script. The script failed!” said the president during a press conference at Miraflores.

Translation mine.

Readers of this blog may also recall that I translated, in full, an article by Jaime Bayly some months ago, in which the Peruvian writer revealed that Guido Antonini Wilson, the “pudgy goodfella”, is in fact a Miami mafioso, not an agent of the Venezuelan government. He may well be an agent of some other government, though–and I’m not talking about Argentina.

Well, Jaime Bayly is in the videos too. Have a look–he once again reveals that Antonini hates Chavecito’s guts. Strange, then, that such a man would claim to be an agent of his, eh?

Chavecito’s right–this whole business is nothing but a garbage operation. And that’s a polite way of putting it!

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