The truth about Pando

This ought to put to rest once and for all the notion that the Bolivian opposition is peaceful and nonviolent:

Walter Martínez of the VTV program Dossier spells it all out. Video in Spanish, but don’t let that deter you; the pictures speak for themselves, especially the last one (of the Cruceñista bully-boys in the Nazimobile. Yes, it’s real!)

When they force the feds to send in the army to secure the airport, public buildings and pipelines from the racist “autonomists”, there can be no talk of “dialogue” and “compromise” anymore. This is a state of emergency, people. The fascists have killed at least 30 people so far in one town in the department of Pando alone in the last few days. They are not interested in democracy OR dialogue. They only want to overthrow a legitimate, highly popular president, whom they hate because he’s not white, and they are willing to do whatever they think it will take, including violence and efforts to starve out the “shitty Indians” and anyone else who supports “Evo, Evo cabrón”. And not the slightest humanitarian consideration troubles their consciences because they don’t have any. They don’t care how much they smash to shit, as long as they get their way.

This is treason, and it is an insult to democracy. I think that’s ample justification for sending in the army.

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