They walk among us…

Who are they? Well, they look normal enough. It’s what they DO that’s not so normal:

Police are looking for a suspect after a woman says another woman poured a liquid on her and told her she was going to set her on fire.

“She came in the store and I came out from behind the counter and I greeted her she asked for bath salts.”

That’s how Crystal Basler Payne, owner of The Country Goddess, says her Saturday on September 13th started. Payne says things went wrong when she started ringing up the sale.

“And I turned to look at the register and I turned back and that’s when she threw the kerosene on me,” Payne said. “She had it in a Dante water bottle.”

Payne says at first it didn’t register what was going on until she saw the lighter.

“She actually had the lighter at that point and she was flicking it, the lighter, in front of me and the lighter wouldn’t light.”

She began screaming for her life and ran for the front door. But she never made it, she says she lost her footing and fell in front of a stack of posters.

“She said ‘Be still and let me light you on fire.’ There was no emotion in her voice. At no point did she yell,” Payne said.

What do you bet that this woman will never be charged with terrorism?

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  1. Ben Gruagach says:

    This is just a test comment to see if they are working now.

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