Yankee Go Home, times two

So…Evo has ordered Philip Goldberg to pack his bags, and in solidarity, Chavecito has done the same with Patrick Duddy:

President Chavez announced today that he has decided to send home the US ambassador, and has given him 72 hours to leave Venezuelan soil. This measure corresponds to that of the Government of Bolivia in response to interventionist actions by the US ambassador to that country, in conjunction with a coup plot.

Translation mine.

Of course, it bears remembering that this is not about drugs or drug-war co-operation (or lack of same, to hear the lamestream media’s kvetchy take.) It is all about coup plots currently in motion, and yes, both Venezuela and Bolivia have ’em. The last time fascists felt this emboldened in Venezuela, they turned out to have some major support coming from Washington. I don’t imagine it’s any different now, nor that it’s any different for Bolivia.

Now, I just wonder what El Ecuadorable is thinking, watching all this unfold. Will he make it a three-fer? Auntie Bina’s spidey-sense says he just might.

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