Yes, we are glitching. Thanks for noticing.

You HAVE noticed, yes? Good.

Well, here’s the story: My best friend and geekus maximus has helped me improve this site with the latest edition of Movable Type. We did it to help secure the blog against hackers exploiting weaknesses in the original version I was using.

Unfortunately, the latest edition of Movable Type could use some improvements of its own, such as being able to recognize entries created with Tinderbox, which I use to write my entries before uploading them here. It currently doesn’t, and we’re both still scratching our heads trying to figure out how my last six entries could disappear into the ether (though they still show up on the post count, they aren’t counted as current entries, so I can’t categorize them or make them show on the main page anymore either), my blogroll became such a mess, and the mysterious date of “December 0000” has shown up in my monthly archives (I suspect that’s where the “missing” posts were disappeared to, probably by the Chilean DINA or its Movable Type equivalent.)

For now, it looks as though I’ll have to generate my posts on the “write entry” page of MT, which will take some getting used to. It’s kind of sad to stop using the old Tinderbox Trainblogging template, which has served me so well up till now, but until we get this glitch straightened out, it looks like I’ll have to post the “lame” way. Grrrr.

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