Bolivian police chief confirms Porvenir massacre was an ambush

For certain stupid CSMonitor writers and anyone else who doesn’t really get what’s going on in Bolivia, a little primer:

The Departmental Police Chief of Pando, Col. Silvio Magarzo, confirmed before a special commission on Tuesday that the campesinos who marched on September 11 towards the city of Cobija were unarmed, were ambushed by armed persons, and threw themselves into the river Tahuamanu in order to save their lives.

“I don’t know if the campesinos were carrying weapons, I couldn’t see; the incident occurred, and it’s public knowledge from which side the gunshot-wounded and the dead, those who were the victims, came. They were only from the campesino side,” the commander explained.

Magarzo was called before the Special Multidepartmental Commission of Deputies to testify over the massacre, which occurred when armed men–who, apparently, according to testimonies, had been sent by the Prefect of Pando–attacked campesino marchers, leaving at least 18 dead, among them a nine-year-old, and dozens of injured and missing persons.

Translation mine.

Any questions?

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