Buh-bye, Manuelito Rosalito!

Chavecito has had enough of a putschist mob boss being in charge of the state of Zulia. In his address to a conference of local businesspeople today in Maracaibo, he laid it on the line. His latest Bolivarian mission? He calls it “Operation Manuel Rosales Goes to Jail”:

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He plans to throw Burusas in the clinker, not for publicly slandering him, not for opposing him (as a lot of lamestream accounts in English strongly hint), but for embezzlement of public money from the Zulia state lottery, which was allegedly used to buy 11 properties, one of them a million-plus-dollar mansion. And the audience gave him a standing ovation for it! When’s the last time you saw businesspeople applauding an avowed socialist? Isn’t he supposed to be their “enemy”?

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