Chavecito’s gloves come off

Anyone who’s been following Venezuelan politics of late has surely heard of Manuel Rosales, a.k.a. “Burusas”, a.k.a. “The Philosopher”, a dumbass from Zulia who mangles popular sayings and can’t do his own math. For some strange reason, the selfsame dumbass is currently governor of that oil-soaked state, which sits around the edge of Lake Maracaibo like a broken toilet seat. He’s also the US liaison for various nefarious political stupidities, including what former US ambassador William Brownfield, who like Philip Goldberg in Bolivia, was a backer of balkanization, called “the Independent and Eastern Republic of Zulia”. (No, I’m not making that weird shit up. You can’t make it up–unless you are a Kool-Aid man like William Brownfield.)

Burusas is most notable for losing federal elections (badly), for being ignored at US Democratic conventions (where he, along with a certain guaranteed-to-lose oligarchic mayor of Chacao, has been trying hard to butter up the future president of the United States), and for just generally sticking his feet in his mouth, sometimes both at a time. He’s actually accused Chavecito of being a “populist” while pushing a very un-original quasi-populistic scheme of his own (remember “Mi Negra”? It’s racist and sexist, too!) He’s every bit as dumb as Dubya, but nowhere near as entertaining; his droning voice puts me to sleep. Can’t imagine why anyone anywhere voted for this clown. He’s an embarrassment to Zulia.

Well, anyhow…looks like Burusas finally stuck his foot in his mouth one time too many. Or one inch too far. Because now, Chavecito has lost all patience and is laying down a major, MAJOR pimp-slap on him–and on Burusas’s “independent and eastern” turf, yet:

All’s I can say is, what took him so long? He’s been putting up with this shithead’s, well, shit for years now. Surely tolerance has its limits, does it not?

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