Colombia: Bestest democracy EVAR.

Aporrea reports, I translate…and after that, I shut up, because there simply are no words.

Jorge Iván Laverde Zapata, alias “El Iguano”, ex-chief of the AUC paramilitaries, in the department of Norte de Santander, said that his men incinerated their victims in ovens specially constructed for the purpose.

The paramilitaries built the first oven in 2001, in Juan Frío, a rural parish of the Villa del Rosario municipality. They incinerated 28 bodies in it, according to the confession of the ex-commander of the so-called Fronteras de las AUC.

“El Iguano” admitted that the victims were incinerated in this location, some 800 km northeast of Bogotá, to avoid risks and eliminate evidence. In 2003, another oven was built in the same region to similar purposes, the ex-paramilitary chief revealed.

In both ovens, some 100 victims were incinerated, all accused of belonging to guerrilla groups, as well as being extortionists and rapists, said “El Iguano”.

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