Colombia: “Democratic security” in action

Via Colombia’s Caracol Radio website, a rare (for Caracol) moment of honesty about what Alvaro Uribe’s paramilitary minions are really up to:

Paramilitary groups have reached a level of degradation so high that in some cases, they filmed the tortures and murders of victims they claim to be guerrilla collaborators.

Caracol Radio heas learned of a video that arrived a few days ago in the Inspector General’s office, in which a member of the AUC is seen torturing a campesino, whose hands he severs with evident brutality.

The events apparently occured along a path in the municipality of Aguachica, Cesar. The paramilitary torturer can be seen maltreating his victim verbally in a constant manner, and the victim appears to have suffered a wound to his face.

Translation mine.

Here’s the video in question (scroll to bottom of post). Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

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2 Responses to Colombia: “Democratic security” in action

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Wow, Bina, this is some seriously wack, depraved shit–the this barbarity is similar to other rightwing deathsquads in the Americas for decades.
    I will tell you, Bina, I won’t watch the video.
    This shit is simply off the charts and outrageous.
    In my psychic economy, Colombia is a terrifying place for anyone left-of-center. It’s a black-hole where shit happens and disappears in a black hole.
    The truth about comprador/imperialist social realations is laid bare in Colombia, and it is not a pretty sight.
    So we (Western culture) focus on the ‘bad boys’, like Chavez to take the eye off the ball of an incidious, grotesque system.
    Clearly other countries in the Americas will isolate the US and Colombia in order to stop the carnage.
    But with the way the Haiti went, you can always imagine that it could get worse. Rember, part of the constant destablization and harrassement on the part of the US empire toward Venezuela is to impinge on the natural social relations between Colombia and Venezuela. The Colombian compradors and the empire are a constraint on healthy social relations between these peoples. Venezuela is the ‘model’ that the US and the Colombian oligarchy will never accept. So this type of violence continues, a bad movie that never ends.

  2. I hear ya, brother–I watched that video, and what got to me about it was not the brutality, but the banality of it all. The torturers were laughing and seemed quite casual when they lopped off the poor guy’s hand. It was obvious to me that they’d had enough practice at this to be able to do it as easily as if they were chopping bananas off a tree. And with as little conscience, too.
    This is the REAL Colombia–the thing the Uribeasts of the Internets refuse to believe. The blogger who posted the video, who I suspect is Colombian, has taken a major chance by doing what he did. He’ll probably get death threats.
    He’s also posted that some say this video came from Venezuela, and that the victim is a criminal, but that’s bullshit. Venezuelan criminals at least get some semblance of due process. This is nothing of the sort. It’s a typical effort on the part of right-wing Colombians to project their own sins onto leftist Venezuelans, I think.

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