Evo to oppos: Y’all can suck my oil valve, too!

Oh my. It looks like Bolivia could soon have oilwells in a part of the country OTHER than the opposition-dominated lowland regions known as the Media Luna. You know what this means, don’t you?

Today, President Evo Morales gave the go-ahead to exploration by PetroAndina for oil in the northern portion of the department of La Paz, with an investment of $300 million.

The president said that “today is a historic day for Bolivia and the Department of La Paz”, which will bring to life the dreams of the people by exploring their hydrocarbon riches.

“I feel that we are doing well. We have to improve our work yet, be it in the social movements, be it in the national government, all for the nation, all for the Bolivian people. A commitment kept by La Paz and for Bolivia,” said Morales in his speech in the town of Achiri.

PetroAndina, a joint venture between the Bolivian state firm, YPFB, and the Venezuelan state firm PDVSA, will explore and exploit the oil blocks of Lliquimuni, Madidi, Chepite, Securé, and Chispani, in the departments of La Paz, Beni and Pando.

In this context, Morales said, his administration seeks an economic balance between all the departments of Bolivia, taking care to create poles of development in all the different regions of the country.

Translation mine. A longer Spanish version is here.

I looked for and could not find a map of the areas in question on the Bolivian government website, so enjoy, instead, this obligatory cute shot of Evo making a little girl’s day:


Her future will be a lot brighter now that a larger portion of the hydrocarbon revenues making it possible will NOT be in the hands of a bunch of Media Luna-tics.

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