Glass houses, Señor Rosales…


What’s that saying about not throwing stones again? Looks like someone who’s been doing it to Chavecito just broke more than a few of his own windows…

Parliamentarian Mario Isea, president of the National Assembly commission investigating the coup plots against president Hugo Chávez, presented evidence before the Assembly that Manuel Rosales evaded taxes to the tune of 19 million bolivares ($8.8 million US) following the Zulia lottery.

Translation mine.

This is rich, coming from someone who just days ago accused Chavecito of throwing Venezuela’s money away…money that belongs to the people. What exactly has he done with the money of the people of Zulia?

Mario Isea suspects that the money is going to finance a coup against Chavecito; a good guess, since after all, Isea is investigating recent putschist events (including the confiscation of a grenade launcher that could bring down a plane.)

And anyone who’s seen a map of Venezuela knows that Zulia borders on Colombia, home of the infamous paramilitaries that Alvaro Uribe is so cozy with, and so happy to supply to the Venezuelan opposition to carry out magnicidal plots against their democratically elected president. In fact, he’s done so a number of times already.

We also know that Rosalito has been to Colombia at least once, and met with El Narco or members of his paraco government. What do you suppose they were discussing? And oh, wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall of THAT big, brittle glass house?

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  1. CIA says:

    I am coming to your house with a silenced laser-equipped pistol, balaclava, gloves and digital police scanners!

  2. All the way from Yorkshire, England? You’re a determined bugger, aren’t you. LOL!

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