Last week of the election campaign panic button edition

What do you bet that all these were the doing of Conservative supporters?

So far, 34 acts of vandalism and threatening phone calls have been reported in the Toronto ridings of St. Paul’s and Parkdale-High Park–all directed at persons with Liberal party signs on their lawns. 17 victims have had their cars’ brake lines cut. One of the victims, a father of two (ages 22 months and 6 months), sums up the magnitude of the vileness succinctly: “You have to crawl under someone’s car and cut the brake line, knowing that it could kill someone, or their whole family.”

Really, is the re-election of a bad prime minister worth the deaths of two babies in their car seats? I thought Conservatives were supposed to be “pro-life”, but I guess that only refers to fetuses.

Scott Tribe, my fellow Progressive Blogger, has amassed some pics of similar grotesquery in Guelph, Ontario, at his site. (No, it’s not just a Toronto thing.)

In case no one has said so yet, this kind of behavior is most unCanadian.

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One Response to Last week of the election campaign panic button edition

  1. Ben Gruagach says:

    The perps should be easy to find if the cops just hang out at Conservative watering holes. People who do this type of thing tend to brag about it to their buddies.

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