Look who’s buttering up Barack Obama

The Venezuelan equivalent of the KKK, no less. Alberto Nolia, on his VTV show “The Devil’s Papers”, uncovers an online chat session between two prominent “youth leaders” of the Venezuelan opposition, Yon Goicoechea and Freddy Guevara, in which they talk about burning crosses on the lawn of a prominent black politician, Aristóbulo Istúriz–AT THE SAME TIME as they discuss liaising with “Democratic” friends in the US to plant anti-Chávez crapaganda:

“Yes we can fuck the black people who takes our oil”? Not only is that bad English, it’s also racist. AND anti-American, to boot, since they’re referring to poor black folks in the US.

I sure hope those guys at the Cato Institute enjoy seeing a half-million of their not-so-hard-earned dinero going to blatant little racists like this. Way to do yourselves proud, motherfuckers.

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2 Responses to Look who’s buttering up Barack Obama

  1. Mark says:

    so how did they get this? or did they make it up?

  2. What’s the matter, Mark? Don’t you understand how the Internet works? Can’t stand to see your own kind by the light of day? Can’t process the fact that certain right-wing Venezuelan “student leaders” are racist assholes? That’s not my problem.
    BTW, why do you little boys always think the right answer to an intelligent woman thinking for herself is “go get fucked” or words to that effect? Do you think that if we sink to YOUR intellectual level, it will improve us?
    Go unfuck yourself. And have a nice day.

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