Oh Lula, you card!


Burn, baby, burn…

Ha ha ha, the president of Brazil cracks me up:

“Where is the IMF now? Why isn’t the IMF over there in Europe, giving advice?” Lula asked yesterday.

He added, “Because the crisis is theirs (the rich people’s), and they’re pretending there is no crisis.”

Translation mine.

He is, of course, referring to the massive bailouts of banks on both sides of the Atlantic. From which the IMF, which just loves to exploit the fiscal crises of Latin America and the Third World, was conspicuously absent, as a lender of both money AND “advice”. Probably that’s because the IMF, like the capitalist system of which it’s a product, has been in deep doo-doo for quite some time now.

Oh that Lula! What a comedian!

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One Response to Oh Lula, you card!

  1. Alfredo says:

    Never thought about that, if something like that would occur in any other country in America, the IMF surely will the role leader in giving “advice” about the steps to follow.
    Where are you now IMF? Why don’t you insert your noses inside Wall Street? Shame of you

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